What I learned my first semester of graduate school, as a teacher.

This post is a bit delayed, as I’ve already begun and completed two weeks of my second semester of graduate school. However, I feel that it’s important to write about my experiences of teaching my first semester of graduate school, not just so others can read about it but mostly for myself, to reflect back on those first 4 months.

I have taught before. As many of you know, I taught English in France from October 2015 to April 2016. Though I was only an assistant, I did write lesson plans for some of my classes and actually taught them. However, what I taught them was completely up to me. I taught them mostly about culture while incorporating new vocabulary and some grammar points. Basically, I got to teach my students about all of the fun stuff about learning a language, as I only taught each class once a week or once every two weeks. It made teaching extremely fun and exciting. I loved seeing my students ask me questions about my native language and culture. I loved seeing their interest and enthusiasm. This is how I grew to enjoy and to love teaching.

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My failure is my success.

Despite having been working with my coll├Ęgiens here in Laval, France for the past 7 months, it still appears as though I don’t know them or really know how to teach as well as I thought that I did. As I’ve mentioned in many of my posts, teaching is difficult, and just when you feel like you’ve finally found your footing, the rug gets pulled … Continue reading My failure is my success.

“Are you single?”: French boys are too bold.

Truthfully, my emotions are quite a roller coaster, which was to be expected of course, but yes, they are indeed. I’ve been feeling lonely and out of sorts the past couple of days, but to focus on the positive, let’s talk about this past week. This past week, from Tuesday evening to Thursday morning I was able to return to my French home, Nantes. I … Continue reading “Are you single?”: French boys are too bold.