Not just a climate crisis.

To be honest, it gets my blood boiling. When I see a trash can overflowing with cans upon bottles upon pieces of paper. My mind races to all the ways that our future is suffocating in these rotting, sagging, piles of trash, screaming to be saved.

I used to have this cute tote bag that was white with a big bold colored earth on the side and a reduce, reuse, recycle logo on it. It was trendy at the time. I got it from Rue 21, also trendy at the time. I was 15, thought that following the crowd was cool, and sporting my “love the earth” themed tote bag was going to make me well-liked.

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Upside Down Rainbows


Yesterday I went to the Milwaukee Art Museum, frankly, to get some inspiration, because apparently I’m quite clichĂ©. Honestly, though, I don’t care about that because I finally had a day off work, and there was an exhibit that I’ve been wanting to see for quite awhile.

Additionally, I just wanted to get out of the house and out of my daily routine. I find myself in a constant state of discontent. I’m always thinking about the future and not in a healthy way. I always focus on getting out of this place, this current situation that I’m in. One of the things that I’ve been trying to focus on though is cultivating joy and focusing on my now, because as much as I would love to jet off to Iceland to escapade around in ice caves or sail off to the Caribbean to get some last much needed sun as we face the brutal Wisconsin winter with shorter days, less sunlight, and biting winds (and apparently snow in October), it’s clear that if I’m not happy in my everyday life, then I’m clearly not happy period.

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Taking advantage of creative spaces.

When I think about how I used to look at the world, with such curiosity and love, I sometimes feel like I’ve forgotten who I used to be. I used to grab at the world endlessly, with no fear and no reserves. I sometimes miss that person that so loved the world, chasing dreams endlessly, no matter the cost, emotionally, mentally, or financially.

I miss the bliss of being sure of my passions and my desires: to travel to get to know the world and its people, to make the world a better place, and to write about all of it, detailing on every nook and cranny of this digital journal the step-by-steps of my global citizenship journey.

But somewhere along the line those passions and desires were taken from me, or at the very least, they’ve gone completely dormant, almost as though have been taken from me.

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