Finding magic in Sintra Hills.

Where Lisbon is gritty, lively, and and a little rough around the edges, Sintra is magical and picturesque, both being different versions of the same Portuguese culture. You must plan a day trip to Sintra if you are ever planning a trip to Lisbon anyways. You can take a commuter train to Sintra from just about any train station in Lisbon, and depending from which … Continue reading Finding magic in Sintra Hills.

Lisboa, Lisboa

As I looked out over the city of Lisbon from the Sao Jorge Castle, the sunshine blanketed mon visage with the warmth of complete and utter happiness. There is nothing like this city, filled entirely with colorful homes for miles, resting upon hill after hill. The world never ceases to amaze me, and Lisbon did not disappoint. After our adventures in Sevilla, Spain, my travel … Continue reading Lisboa, Lisboa