Plastic, plastic everywhere

I can’t remember the first moment that I decided that the climate crisis and the destruction of our beautiful planet was real. I can’t remember what it was that really triggered me to wake up and quit ignoring the reality that this beautiful planet of ours was starting to die around us. I don’t remember the first moment that I decided that I truly hated plastic, because it is one of the most polluting substances on the planet.

But all of these moments did arrive, and I found myself in Barnes and Noble one day staring at a collection of books that would help me start making changes to actively do better for the planet and for myself. The well-trained researcher that grad school instilled in me was searching for books that would lead me to not only do better for the environment but to help myself turn away from the consumerist culture that I deeply believe has been one of the main causes of this climate crisis in the first place (yes, ironically enough as I was standing in a Barnes & Noble looking to purchase books and contributing to the consumerist culture, but hey, it was a start).

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