Where did these gifts come from?

One of my favorite things this time of year is looking at the glow of the Christmas lights and the shadows they cast on all the gifts I’ve bought for my family and friends. Gift giving is one of my greatest passions, especially around this time of year, and it is always a joyous season for most people. If you celebrate Christmas around this time (or any other holiday), it’s possible that you plan on purchasing different gifts for your friends and family.


I absolutely adore giving gifts to friends and family. I love the hunt of finding the perfect gift for all of the people that I care about. I usually don’t stop looking until I find it. I hate giving gifts that are just mediocre. To avoid this, I usually shop right off all the Christmas lists that my friends and family give me. This is a way to guarantee that I get them something that they are sure to enjoy and not return (or give away).

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