Why I Choose to Write.

I began writing for my own personal comfort by journaling, starting my Freshman year of college. I have always been someone who perceives the world more so through her emotions rather than through anything else. I also found that my head is always swimming with thoughts. I even have intense dreams most of the time, remembering from time to time very complex and intricate details … Continue reading Why I Choose to Write.

A spiritual gourmande

It’s hard to believe that’s it’s been over a year since I applied to be an English teaching assistant through TAPIF (Teaching Assistant Program in France). Around this time last year, I had applied to the program very unsure of the direction in which my life was heading. Full disclosure: I was depressed, lost, and almost completely hopeless. Most of my dreams had seemed too … Continue reading A spiritual gourmande

The struggle.

I have to give myself credit, absolute credit in underestimating my full adjustment period. Though I’ve lived in the French culture before, I must say that living as a student is completely different than living and working in another culture. Since day one, I’ve known that living and, more specifically, working in France were both going to be quite the challenge. However, as I’ve been … Continue reading The struggle.

New Year’s Eve in the City of Lights: the magic of equality amongst diversity

Oh Paris…. The most romantic city, this city of lights. The most enchanting city, for some. For some, Paris is a magical land where dreams come true. For some, Paris is only just a dream that they will never achieve. This is not what Paris is for me anymore. I’ve had my fill. Paris seems just like any other city for me now. I’ve gazed … Continue reading New Year’s Eve in the City of Lights: the magic of equality amongst diversity