A part of the world versus just being in it

I’ve been here for almost a week, and it seems as though it’s been forever as well as not been that long at all. I know that doesn’t really make much sense, but that’s how I feel. I just have to say that I feel blessed. I am so blessed because there are so many people helping me, welcoming me, and are in a similar … Continue reading A part of the world versus just being in it

Laval: “Why are you here?”

I arrived very late in Laval on Wednesday. Thankfully a colleague of my contact person picked me up from the train station and took me straight to my apartment. She was extremely patient and kind with me, which I’m highly thankful for because I’m sure that I didn’t smell the greatest and that my French wasn’t the greatest. She even brought me some dishes, some … Continue reading Laval: “Why are you here?”

Takk! Takk! Adventures in Iceland

Last I left it, I was about ready to depart for France, preparing myself for three days of straight travel. Well, let’s just say that I must really love travel because there were a couple of rough patches thrown in there with some amazing experiences! I first took a plane from Indianapolis to Boston. My 8 hour layover in Boston wasn’t too eventful other than … Continue reading Takk! Takk! Adventures in Iceland