Yesterday was officially my last day as an ENL Instructional Assistant at Woodbrook Elementary School. Though I was quite sad to be leaving my students and the job that helped me to realize that I enjoy teaching language, I was overjoyed that the last day finally arrived. The past few weeks I have been only doing enough to get by and to survive. The last … Continue reading reflection

Here I come France….well in 4 months.

Not much has happened since my last blog post, except my flights are officially booked! Thanks to my generous donors to my Go Fund Me campaign, I’ve been able to do this. I am overjoyed! I have one last thing to worry about, and it cost me way less than I was expecting. I will be leaving Indianapolis on September 21st and flying to Boston … Continue reading Here I come France….well in 4 months.

Moving forward, getting things done

As the school year draws to an end and the weather starts becoming warm and beautiful again, I’m realizing that my time until I’m in France is growing shorter and shorter. Though I am overly excited about this, the financial side of things has become a large source of nervousness and stress. In about a month, I will be losing about half my monthly income … Continue reading Moving forward, getting things done