New blog for a new adventure

I originally started posting new blog posts on my old blog, a blog that I created to keep my friends and family updated on my life while I was studying abroad in France. However, now that I’m two years older and now that my life has changed in so many ways since then, I have decided that I need a change in terms of my blogging experience. I wanted a clean slate, a fresh new page in order to document my new adventures to come.

So, I still have quite some time until I leave for France the second time around (around 5 monthsish), however, I’m still overly excited about the whole thing. I think about it every day. In the first blog post that I posted about this new adventure to come on my old blog (for those of you who missed that it’s at, I talked about some things/advice that I need. Well, I haven’t really progressed too much in finding answers to my needs, but I have progressed at least a little. I’ve started doing more research on some of the best and cheapest ways to find cheap air travel. I’ve even started compiling lists of things that I need to be on the look out for. Seriously researching some cheap computers that will get the job done thanks to a brother of a friend is also something that is occurring, and I’m very close to purchasing soon (hopefully). I’ve even bought a book about general traveling abroad adventures that informs you of every single thing you need to know about traveling abroad from important documents to what you should pack to health and safety to where you should go. Though I’ve traveled abroad before, I’ve realized that if I’m going to be smarter about my travels this time around, I need to do as much research as possible. That includes reading about things that I already know (I could always use a good refresher). I honestly don’t care if that makes me a giant nerd (in fact, I will completely own that fact).

Other things that have happened since then:

I’ve managed to locate groups on Facebook for the other assistants accepted into the TAPIF program. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to connect with other assistants to share in the experience with as well as go to with similar questions and ideas.

Also, for those of you who don’t know, I work part-time at an elementary school as an ENL instructional assistant, and after much thinking, I think I’ve decided that I will quit that job at the end of the school year because even though I have enjoyed my job and even though I love my students, I think it would be more difficult to come back next year for a month and then have to leave at the beginning of the school year. So, I think it’s best to let them know that since I will be moving out of the country, I, unfortunately, cannot return next year. Thankfully, I have another part-time job, but in order to continue to save up money and pay for things that I will need to go to France, I probably need to find another part-time job for the summer. I’m kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing, but it’s all for France. So, it will be totally worth it in the end. 5 months seems like such a short amount of time when it comes to the idea of money, though. One day at a time, right?

Well, I don’t really have much else to say because there honestly isn’t really much else going on. I have yet to receive any further directions on what I need to do next. So, I’m just hanging out for the time being, trying not to overwhelm myself with things that are out of my control. I have, however, started dreaming about all the different places I’ll travel once I’m over there. Any suggestions? Well, until something happens….

à plus mes amis

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